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Who we are?

Grassroots, community-based organisations, collectives, and groups We are an amateur, community-based grassroots group of girls+/women+ (female identifying, trans and non-binary) playing recreational, pickup basketball in Warsaw, Poland, every week for the last couple of years. Do you feel like you could fit in and come play with us?

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Nasza Drużyna
Koszykowka Kobiet+

Our Values

We want to create a community-driven, open, free of any kind of discrimination / sexism / xenophobia / homophobia / transphobia safe space for girls, women and queer people, be inclusive and intersectional to play basketball and to advocate for equality (in sports and general).

We want to empower girls+ and women+ ("+" means all female identifying, trans and non-binary people) of all ages to come play basket, no skills required. Encourage those who never had any opportunity to play basketball, those who were just denied the right to choose what they could do just because of their gender, it's for those the last time that held the ball was 20 or sth years ago, for those who play rarely or regularly, those who are shit at this as well as good.

We want this to be a fun and meaningful experience, it's all about the enthusiasm and engagement. We don't judge. We just want to have fun in a good company :) Come whenever you feel like it.

1st Women's+ Amateur Equality Basketball Tournament

Dla kogo turniej

What tournament?

1st Women's+ Amateur Equality Basketball Tournament in Warsaw, took place on 21st September 2019, which was basically an expansion of our values. We just wanted to make a create something special for the girls+ who never had the chance to participate in any kind of sport tournament, to advocate for equality, intersectionality and inclusiveness in sports and in life and to have fun. We invited amateur teams and players from all over Poland, as well as UK - London.



The Tournament, initially led by 3 people, could not have taken place without its wonderful community that has come around the group, its project and the idea. It all happened thanks to so many people, not only organizationally-wise but also financially-wise. The Tournament has been funded in 100% by the community via the crowdfunding platform as well as during the fundraising party that we did (the party, that featured all-women and queer bands and DJs).
That is just a confirmation about the beauty and importance of creating grassroots communities.

I Rownościowy Amatorski Turniej Koszykowki Kobiet+